The Open Paintball Target

Do You Really Think Shooting At Open Target Has No Tactical Rules? Think Again. There's Some Common Sense Basics DangerMan Forces You To See.

Know When To Shoot An Open Paintball Target

(DM) — Shooting an Open Target sounds easy. But is your open target a suitable target? When To Shoot isn’t always when you think. Gain an understanding of the value in reading your opposition and using their assumptions against them. Learn the two takeaway tactics of when to shoot in this tactical video.


Did you learn how to shoot out of a tree from cover? It’s an art and a science. If you missed it, go back and watch the video again. This is one hell of a tip in paintball instruction that you really should be adding to your repertoire.

Wrapping a bunker is all about affording you the ability to shoot to the coveted interior of the paintball field. Now you can wrap like a pro!

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Did You Learn When To Shoot?

The open target isn’t always a simple target to take out. With the tips in this video, you should have learned that timing and placement is something requiring tactical patience.

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