Philadelphia Free Skate Facebook Livestream

A Moving Live Broadcast of the Philly Free Skate Made Landskater & Inline Skate History

Inline skaters from around the world converge on Philadelphia annually. This year’s Friday night skate was special as Lars Hindsley (DangerMan) shot over 1.5 hours of the skate live while on the streets of Philly.

The skate was led by Doug Kelly, a long time Philadelphia Landskater member and reliable skate leader. He promised and delivered many casual stops along the way. Starting at the Philly Art Museum on the Ben Franklin Parkway and meandering around Center City Philly the route was soundly appreciated by all the skaters. From Love Park to South Street and many many other notable stops through the downtown area it seemed nowhere was left out. Chinatown, Delaware Avenue, The Liberty Bell, Washington Square, Rittenhouse Square, there really was something for everyone.

There were many strange happenings along the route so be sure to watch the embedded video which was aired live on Facebook the night of the skate. Plenty of narration along the way!

Historically, Lars (DangerMan) shoots video of the event, works on the footage in post production and uploads the finished product to YouTube. This year for the Friday Night Skate at the Philly Free Skate a full one and a half hours was broadcast live!  It was not only LIVE but broadcast while moving through the streets of Philadelphia in traffic. The passers by and street performers added to the entertainment of a live broadcast. There will be more to come. If you are into inline skating or skating in general you’ll want to subscribe to DangerManXX on Instagram and DangerManXX on Twitter for notifications for live broadcasts. Some will be on Facebook, others will be on YouTube – in 360 video! Meanwhile enjoy this year’s live broadcast below in replay!

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