Paintball Gangsta Grip!

You Can't Pull This $#i+ In Speedball!

Hip Fire Like DangerMan! Fire Up His Paintball Gangsta Grip Purely For Fun!

(DM) — This situation calls for something completely stupid! Give DangerMan’s Paintball Gangsta Grip a shot! Literally! It’s time your paintball evolved! Give it shot!

Over 15 years of paintball skills manifest themselves in DangerMan videos.

Paintball is about having fun. At some point you will achieve as much skill as you may feel you’ll ever need. It’s then you begin to experiment and have fun with strange and unusual techniques. The Gangsta Grip hip fire is something that takes real time to master.

Check out DangerMan’s wildly popular YouTube channel and this video for intelligent entertaining instruction. Raise your woodsball game up while having fun doing it. Enjoy this short video from DangerMan and share it if you care!

The Gansta Grip Hip Fire Is All In Fun!

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