It’s a n00b Paintball Ambush!

We all know shooting at a n00b is no real achievement. But having been able to get around a team and get free shots at them from behind is something you don't do every day. 

It's a n00b Paintball Ambush!

It’s A Real n00b Paintball Ambush!

(DM) — We’ve all been there on a weekend of rec ball with a bunch of n00bs. You don’t mean to do it, but you blow through their lines and there it is — the flag. You have a choice. Take the easy win, or ambush a bunch of paintball n00bs.

Sneak Attack

Yes, it’s a long run back to your flag station. There is the prestige of hanging the flag. But look them all. Yeah just earned a hard-fought sneak attack. You may as well enjoy it.

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This video was shot at Paintball Action Games in Newark/Glasgow Delaware. It’s been a long time gem because it’s a true woodsball field. Plenty of big trees, wide fields, long fields, and rolling terrain that is also safe to run on. It really is an ideal paintball field.

Paintball Action Games caters to the new players. You know the type. Bachelor parties, corporate groups, church groups, birthday parties, and thankfully walk-on paintballers too. If you have a day to burn, it’s worth checking out.

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Okay. Shooting a n00b is no real achievement. Getting around a team is. You have to earn it. If you want to gripe about the fun we had shooting these players from behind, then you must be one hard up troll. Everyone knows that this is one of those crowning achievements in paintball everyone in the game lives for. And frankly, you have seen in the video. Absolute courtesy was awarded.

This video is a bit of comic relief from the usual instruction video. But it marks the return of DANGERMAN in a BIG way for 2019. Loads of new “How To Play Paintball” videos are coming.

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