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Welcome to DangerMan Media. Here you will find a collection of all things created both under the DangerMan brand and by Lars Hindsley. From DangerMan you will find YouTube videos which cover topics such as how to play paintball and paintball instruction for those who wanna play paintball to how to inline skate, and other outdoor sports and recreation.

In addition to videos you’ll find many written articles by Lars Hindsley covering movie reviews to celebrity interviews, research articles, pop culture articles and more.

What’s with the logo? It’s about balance. Similar to Yin & Yang, all things should be and do balance. Light and darkness, good and evil. Here the logo is meant to show that within the DangerMan world of sports and adventure there is a delivery of both help and harm. I believe in being nice until it’s time not to be nice. Live life with love in your heart, but don’t be naive. Just as important as the balance of passive and aggressive, not everyone that appears to be out to hurt you is out to harm you — not everyone that appears to be friend is indeed such. The red cross of the logo is meant to show the intent to help and heal. The fist and lightning bolts illustrate capable power while also mocking the skull and crossbone warning pirates once ominously shown to their adversaries. The fist is both skull & fist with a power theme woven through. You’ll find multiple lightning bolts hidden in the design.

Why the name DangerMan?

DangerMan is the alter ego of Dalton Vrees, the protagonist character in my novel Aeroplane City. Originally written as a short story of only 38 pages, it sat idle for many years eating at me, begging to be told on a broader scale. That vision has come about with Aeroplane City. It’s an old fashioned love story in some ways; boy meets girl, boy loses girl, does boy get girl back? My publisher will categorize it simply as a science fiction. You can learn more about it the website dedicated to the novel, Aeroplane City.

Still this doesn’t fully answer how the name DangerMan became applied to Lars Hindsley. That answer stems from the details above. When I began to put up YouTube videos, I mistakenly believed I could protect my privacy using an alter ego. DangerMan was handy, but as the videos became a popular phenomenon, the name stuck which I wisely adopted as a brand. In the end, DangerMan is both Dalton Vrees, and Lars Hindsley. Why not.



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