Paintball Tip Don’t Double Bunker

It's A Legendary Tip From DangerMan that Started The Legend

Paintball Tip Don’t Double Bunker

(DM) — If you are new to paintball, this is a huge tip everyone can build from. It’s a fatal mistake most new players make within 10 seconds of the game starting. They run to cover and load the bunker. See it in action. Don’t assume double bunkering is a no no for any one reason. Watch and learn.

Over 15 years of paintball skills manifest themselves in DangerMan videos.

Did you know many paintball players now playing speedball learned the ropes on this video?

Check out DangerMan’s wildly popular YouTube channel and this video for intelligent entertaining instruction. Raise your woodsball game up while having fun doing it. Enjoy this short video from DangerMan and share it if you care!

This Is The Worst Move In Paintball!

You can do no worse that what DangerMan illustrates in this video. Well, you could just walk out into the line of fire. This is a damn close second.

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