The DangerMan Story

The DangerMan Story DangerMan Explained

The name DangerMan

The song Swords and Knives by Tears for Fears was the inspiration of the name DangerMan. The manner in which the name was delivered in song had an impact. There was desperation and understanding of a man in emotionally challenged place. Yet his mind was rugged. It wasn’t a DangerMan who took risks jumping from buildings. It was a man that no amount of hardship life threw at him — he was up to task. A rugged intellectual.

DangerMan of Aeroplane City

It was 1991. Writing, romance and love were easy. When Lars was inspired to write a short story to impress a girl, his protagonist in the story evolved into reluctant hero. It made sense he would become DangerMan.

DangerMan the Brand

Jump many years forward. Marriage, children, divorce, privacy… Lars Hindsley had a few recreational outlets that he wanted to help others enjoy. With background in content creation, he waded into the social media world of YouTube. It made sense to use a moniker on the Internet to protect personal privacy.

Why not borrow a name of his own creation? DangerMan was born. It was only meant to be a ‘username’, not a true nomenclature. It snuck up on Lars that being called DangerMan was something he could fight or embrace.

DangerMan is a character in Aeroplane City. DangerMan is Lars Hindsley. DangerMan is a brand that promotes positive energy. Think entertaining instruction.