The Economical Benefits of Charter Jets

Can You Save Both Time and Money With A Charter Jet?

A quick guide to private charter jets

The Economical Benefits of Charter Jets

(DM) — Is chartering a jet about saving money or saving time? Chartering a jet is often a means to end. While it is true chartering a Gulfstream, Hawker or Challenger are associated with how rich travel, charter jets are also for the discerning business traveler.

Benefits of Charter Jets
Benefits of Charter Jets

Justifying the expense, can be as simple as cost-saving, to time-saving or saving an important business endeavor. The commodity in flying a charter jet is the hourly rate determined by the length of flight, size of the plane and number of passengers.

There is more, so let’s explore the different uses of charter jets and how to expense the cost of flight by this often misunderstood executive travel option.

Commercial Jets Are A Liability

When that meeting is mission-critical, a charter jet will get you closer to your destination. Commercial jets have access to roughly 300 airports worldwide. Compare that to 7,000 airports with a private charter. Private airports are almost always closer to the client’s ideal destinations. That includes traveling to major metropolitan cities shared by commercial flights.

Privacy Pays

Flying a private charter is often an insurance policy. There is a certain liability to being a high profile entity. You may be a corporate head, discrete attorney, or celebrity with a need for absolute discretion. Flying by charter jet is a means to an end which could ultimately save the way your life goes should you need strict privacy during travel.

Regional Operations Cost Less

There are many regional operators who charge less due to working within a specific area with relationships that benefit not only them but their customers.

When Time is Money

Consider these time concerns and you’ll see where your time saved, is money saved and often earned. You decide your departure time, not the airline. When you need to get there on your time, flying commercial is a net negative loss. What if your law firm needs to fly one or more members to Europe for that million-dollar meeting? The economic cost of a charter jet has many hidden savings. Consider one this one, making that million dollar meeting on your own time, or the client’s time.

Lives Are Priceless

Private charter jets are often the solution to emergency medical travel. Can you even put a price on life? Whatever it is, when it saves a life, the cost is almost immeasurable.

Renting A Jet Lowers Your Bottom Line Over Fractional Ownership

According to Peter Minikes of  Priority One Jets, “The advantage of on-demand charter is no long term commitment.”  What’s the latest Gulfstream, a G650? Why own 1/16th of a G6, take on the management fees and other costs when you can be free to travel in the latest, cleanest, feature version of the Gulfstream line.

What To Look For In Cost When Choosing A Charter Jet

  1. Is there a minimum billable flight time charge?
  2. Is there a round trip requirement and what is that pricing?
  3. What fees exist if any in relation to last-minute itinerary changes?
  4. For your safety, you may want to ask about the plane condition such as when it was manufactured.
  5. Is there Wi-Fi? Don’t assume.
Customized Interior
Customized Interior

Real Ways To Save On A Private Jet Flight

  1. Look for empty leg flights. You can save twenty-five to more than fifty percent over your regular charter price.
  2. Are there one-way specials?
  3. Memberships. Not exactly frequent flyer programs they are tiered plans, with interesting perks. These plans are ideal for flyers in need of charters under fifty hours a year.
  4. Last minute deals.

How Private Charter Jets Determine Costs

Here is the expenses charter jet providers factor into your flight cost. Flight time, fuel, crew fees, airport landing, handling, and incidental fees, and federal excise tax.

What Is The Most Expensive Fee In Booking A Private Charter Jet?

Billable flight time is attributed to over eighty-five percent of your costs in flying a charter jet. That fee goes to the owner of the plane.

What Is The Average Flight Time Rate?

The average flight time fee is $1,200 for turbo pro up to $8,000 per hour for a heavy jet such as a Gulfstream. This average does not include fuel, crew fees, landing fees, and federal excise tax.

Charter Jets Other Benefits

Trip support is coordinated by the air carrier acting as your concierge to manage departure and arrival, flight crew requirements and confirming insurance is in place.

Unaccompanied minors are well managed with less that can go wrong compared to the commercial option.

Pets are well accommodated with fewer requirements. You just need to know the international laws before you fly. Be sure to have documentation prepared for where you land. Baggage and security are streamlined. Last-minute changes are much more possible with a charter while they are impossible with commercial flights.

Of course no security lines. No crowds. You still need to go through customs when flying internationally.

One More Way To Save On A Private Charter Jet Flight

Join a jet club. Does your organization fly consistently? Is it looking for a way to shave down the cost from the $1,000 to $8,000 average down by seventy percent? A club option is fantastic. These are often called private shuttles or air taxies. The key is your willingness to share a flight with strangers. You never knew who you will meet. This is a good option if you are the gregarious type.

Charters Come In Many Type Planes

There is a surprising number of choices in aircraft you can charter. They include Light jets, very light jets, midsize jets, super-midsize jets, heavy jets, turboprops, seaplanes, and helicopters.


If you found this article as a local or regional reader, then our research shows you can start with Alliance Aviation in terms of flight resources. In Delaware, Horizon Helicopters has been a good business neighbor and pillar in the business community since the 1980s and earlier. Venture Jets is just north of Lancaster Pennsylvania for those living and working among the Pennsylvania Dutch.