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DangerMan Movie Review of Female Powered Superhero Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Movie Review
DangerMan Movie Review of Female Powered Superhero Captain Marvel Has No Spoilers (DM) — Do you like uncomplicated, spoiler free movie reviews? Good. This is where you will find your best review of the Female Powered Superhero Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel's official movie release date is...

Henry Cavill as SuperMan Flies but The Man of Steel Contrasts Hard Against Marvel

Man of Steel Gets a Hard Review
Two out of Five Dangers (DM) — Yes. The new Superman flies high, unfortunately Man of Steel contrasts hard against Marvel's much softer, fun universe. The good news is — great new costume! The once all-American fictional superhero of Detective Comics (Then Action Comics) created by Jerry Siegel...

Science Fiction Oblivion is Style Without Substance

Two out of Five Dangers Science Fiction Oblivion Cinematography Style Pops — Losing Its Substance (DL) — To say science fiction Oblivion is all style and no substance would be going too far.  Does Oblivion get too far down in the sci-fi weeds? No. But it does...

Ender’s Game Deceptive Start Ruins The End

Ender's Game Start Ruins The End Two out of Five Dangers (DL) — The golden rule in movie making. Don't insult the viewer. Ender's Game attempts being cute by giving away the end at the start. How? The director assumes everyone in the theater doesn't pay attention...

The Man From Nowhere Is Worth Finding

Bin Won's Defining Role As The Quiet Man Four out of Five Dangers (DL) — If Kill Bill had more sophistication and class, if The Professional had a tear jerker ending - it would be The Man From Nowhere. Bin Won portrays a man's man in this amazing...

Movie Review Iron Man 3 Is Not Extremis

Movie Review
Iron Man 3 Should Have Been Extremis Two out of Five Dangers (DL) — Iron Man 3 thinks its Extremis. It's not. Iron Man 3 is not Extremis because the Mark 42 armor is faithful only in visual representation, not function. Codenaming the autonomous prehensile propulsion...

District 9 Is A Modern Sci-Fi Horror Classic

Add This Instant Classic To Your Collection Four out of Five Dangers (DM) — When it comes to movie reviews, how do you top Alien as the top sci-fi horror ever? The answer is be original. District 9 is entirely unique making it modern classic sci-fi horror. Every...

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