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Our own brand of listicles operates by our own set of rules. What can we say? We live dangerously. If our choices don’t meet your expectations, speak up. We can take it.

The 10 Best Screwball Comedy Movies

10 Best Screwball Comedy Movies (DM) — Many, if not all 10 best screwball lists on the Internet do not know what screwball is! You can't...

13 Must Haves In Your Essential Oil Collection

13 Must-Haves In Your Essential Oil Collection? If you’re reading this, chances are you already have quite an essential oil collection. Whether you always have...
Star Wars a sci-fi space opera

13 Best Science Fiction Space Movies

We use four (4) non-arbitrary metrics as standard in judgment. Story, Special Effects. Stamina and Pop Culture Effect on a 1-10 scale. One film scored a 40.
7 Unique Outdoor Activities for couples and groups

7 Safe Outdoor COVID-19 Activities For Couples AND Groups

These outdoor activities are so good, some may stick with you for life.