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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Baxter Robertson Interview

Baxter Robertson playing keyboards for Chrome Deluxe
Baxter Robertson Interview: The MTV Music Era 1980's Musician is Still Going Strong in California Baxter Robertson is a career musician who enjoyed 1980's recognition on MTV and west coast airplay. In that time many knew his soundtrack song, Feel the Night from The Karate Kid...

Once Again Cy Curnin Walks the Walk of a Beautiful Human Being

Cy Curnin on Stage
Cy Curnin | A Beautiful Human Being Cy Curnin, front man for one of the 1980's biggest new wave artist The Fixx, spent a late summer afternoon chatting with Lars Hindsley in what was more of a revealing philosophical conversation than an interview. This interview originally took...

Getting To Know Loz Netto

Loz Netto
Getting To Know Loz Netto Loz born and raised in Coventry, U.K. Started playing guitar at the age of 13, and learnt the ropes by joining many local bands. Loz started his professional career in the 1970’s. A member of Sniff N' the Tears, he eventually...

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