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Lifestyle encompasses everything from fashion, to food, to how to live life on your terms. Couch surfers need not apply here. This is for the rugged intellectual. Find all you need to get out there and conquer whatever your goal is.

DM Media believes in living an uncompromised life. To come from a place of “yes” or maybe even “hell yes”. No excuses. Today is the day. Start living it and stop watching others live the life you want.

The Ultimate Guide to New York Comic-Con

Attending your first comic-con can be intimidating. It can be downright difficult. This guide leaves no question unanswered and takes away countless hours of guesswork. For instance, what line is best for entry and which door has the least flow? What should you not even bother bringing? That's just the start. Hotels, local travel costs, apps to install, we got it all.

Is Systems Thinking Good Family Advice?

Systems Thinking can be a family solution
Families are complex organisms. Smart families don't assume a happy home happens without effort. Try understanding Systems Thinking and it could unlock a road to happiness in your family life. Done right, it's a self-sustaining cycle.

Which Nuts Have The Most Nutrients?

Read about Nut Nutrients at DangerMan Media
Which Nut Has The Best Nutrients? (DM) — Everyone knows nuts are healthy. Ordering nuts by the highest amount of each nutrient are how we established a list of the most healthy nuts by nutrients. We calculate the macronutrients and micronutrients in the nuts by...

The Ultimate Guide To Giving A Man Flowers

DangerMan's Guardian Angel
Men Want Flowers (DM) — This is your ultimate guide if you need help in giving a man flowers. If you are asking if it okay to give a man flowers, the answer is yes. There are many reasons to give a man flowers. From...

Three Training Keys and the One Preparation Secret You Need to Finish a Tough Mudder

DangerMan at Tough Mudder Philadelphia held at Jaindle Farms
There is one secret to finishing a tough mudder endurance run. There are three keys to preparation. Get real answers and real instructions on how to best prepare for the Tough Mudder or any of the endurance training events here.

How To Evaluate a Dating Profile

Love is Greater Than Money
A Guide to Online Dating Face it, we've all either tried it or use online dating. Most of us have legitimate reasons for using online dating. Here are the primary reasons why people MUST use online dating. Those considerations are work hours, lifestyle, or living...

The Marriage Manifesto: Couples Advice For The Rest of Us

Sarah Allen of Delaware & Lars Hindsley in Central Park on the Mall
The Marriage Manifesto & Couples Advice If you are thinking of marriage. Read this. Your Future Depends On It. Marriage is a business contract few realize you sign without ever putting pen to paper. The moment you say "I do." You both share every asset you...

Formal Dining Etiquette Rules

The Rules of Formal Dining Etiquette (DM) — Men. Let's be honest. Do you know what a demitasse is? What's a 3-star Michelin? You need some churchin' up. You're not the fine example of civility at dinner you aim to be. Thankfully you have DangerMan here...

Should You Lose Your Job For Being A Jerk?

Social Justice
Should You Lose Your Job For Being A Jerk? (DL) — Social Justice is on the rise, but should you lose your job for being a jerk? While Social Justice is a modern term, it's been around since the beginning of time. It's been social...