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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Science Fiction Oblivion is Style Without Substance

Two out of Five Dangers Science Fiction Oblivion Cinematography Style Pops — Losing Its Substance (DL) — To say science fiction Oblivion is all style and no substance would be going too far.  Does Oblivion get too far down in the sci-fi weeds? No. But it does...

The Man From Nowhere Is Worth Finding

Bin Won's Defining Role As The Quiet Man Four out of Five Dangers (DL) — If Kill Bill had more sophistication and class, if The Professional had a tear jerker ending - it would be The Man From Nowhere. Bin Won portrays a man's man in this amazing...

Carmine Famiglietti Loses 100 Pounds in Lbs

DangerMan Film Review: Lbs
Four out of Five Dangers (DM) — Who put on the most weight for a role? Sylvester Stallone achieved 40 pounds. He was beaten by Russell Crowe with over 60. DeNiro gained 60. Jared Leto gained 67. It's claimed Vincent DiNofrio gained the most. He came...

District 9 Is A Modern Sci-Fi Horror Classic

Add This Instant Classic To Your Collection Four out of Five Dangers (DM) — When it comes to movie reviews, how do you top Alien as the top sci-fi horror ever? The answer is be original. District 9 is entirely unique making it modern classic sci-fi horror. Every...

Cash Cash Debut EP Review

Cash Cash Debut EP 2009
Cash Cash EP Review (DM) — You have to be a great band to appeal to teens, twenty-something’s and adult rockers. Perhaps you just need to have an 80's edge and 70's funk pop sense to appeal to the aging audiophiles. It's the beauty of every new...

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