Lost Interview from 2008 with Jean Paul Makhlouf & Cash Cash

A Lost Interview From 2008 Reveals Cash Cash's Early Innocence

Cash Cash 2009

(DM) — Our lost Cash Cash audio interview features front man Jean Paul Makhlouf (Vocals) and the rest of the band in the background: Alexander, Luke Makhlouf (Keys), Samuel Warren Frisch (Bass) and Anthony Villacari (Drums).


Enjoy this audio interview. You will learn a lot. One story that sticks out is JP talking about how they came up with song Party In Your Bedroom. It may surprise you.

Cash CashThis is a lost interview from 2008 when Cash Cash was still a four man traditional band. It was a different experience then. Cash Cash is now down to three after parting ways with Anthony Villacari on drums due to musical differences. It’s hard to think Anthony had the differences as Cash Cash is now an EDM band.

What you’ll find in this interview is a candid and kind Jean Paul sharing how the band would spend time outside of venues signing every autograph requested. They were known for hanging out with fans after shows. Cash Cash was more than approachable, they were friendly and endearing. It was common practice for the band to play acoustic sets outside the stage doors with adoring fans.

At one show in Philadelphia one winter of 2008 or 2009 JP had the flu. It was a concert I attended and I even brought one of my sons. He too was a fan after all. Despite cutting their show short, JP made an effort to extend his gratitude for my attending to write a concert review and more. The entire band took photos with my son and I.

Cash Cash Back StageI couldn’t write a full review at the time due to the concert being cut short. JP offered his phone number and we stayed in touch for some time as the band began their journey into the music world.

Lars and AlexIt was around the summer of 2012 JP stopped corresponding. It made sense. We were not friends and the band found their way.

As for my son and I. Well, he grew up and found many other sounds to listen to. Me. I kept up with the band by buying all their music.

A decade later and it seems like just last year. Cash Cash is now a full on EDM sensation. This interview is one that I recall with pride for these young high school friends who formed a band and lived the American music dream. Enjoy this audio interview. You will learn a lot. One story that sticks out is JP talking about how they came up with song Party In Your Bedroom. It may surprise you.

JP spoke many foreboding words in this interview. Even with only one album down, he was eager to be on stage, and eager to experience musical evolution.

We talked video games, sports, and the topic of love songs along with music in general. It was a discussion never meant to be an audio interview. It was meant for transcribing, but serves as a decent podcast for any Cash Cash fan who wants to take a peek into their past.

You can also check out our early review of the fall 2008 Cash Cash EP release.

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