Cash Cash Debut EP Review

Inexhaustible Pop Energy!

Cash Cash Debut EP 2009

Cash Cash EP Review

Cash Cash(DM) — You have to be a great band to appeal to teens, twenty-something’s and adult rockers. Perhaps you just need to have an 80’s edge and 70’s funk pop sense to appeal to the aging audiophiles. It’s the beauty of every new generation. They enjoy the the past while becoming something new. In this case, a 5 song EP mixed in their basement.

Cash Cash is a young group of pop artist that make no excuses for their retro 80’s dance sound. They shouldn’t have to. Don’t let the 80’s genre stereotype them. In the same way the Killers have capitalized on throwing in a dash of the 80’s, the Cash Cash sound is full on contemporary with a wide range of 90’s flavors. They come at you fast, their percussion grinds upbeat. You’ll find yourself singing along with a smile and the band wants it that way.

Who are they?

Cash Cash LogoFour friends from Roseland, New Jersey. Jean Paul Makhlouf (Vocals), Alexander, Luke Makhlouf (Keys), Samuel Warren Frisch (Bass) and Anthony Villacari (Drums). It started in 2002 with many member changes becoming Cash Cash in 2007. The name was born from hardship. Their last band name was under IP attack. If everyone was after them for money Jean Paul figured the name Cash Cash made sense.

The music world is full of pre-fabricated, preordained entertainers that have hardly any more than their own singing talent as a claim at fame. Cash Cash are every bit true artists as much as they are entertainers.

Cash Cash 2008 EPSelf-taught, self-produced and self promoted, they come from small town New Jersey with big band sound. Their exuberance is inexhaustible as you will often find them playing impromptu acoustic sets to fans after they’ve left the stage.

Dense danceable songs; memorable hooks with harmony, and high-energy is what you get with Cash Cash. When music executives first heard Cash Cash, they had no idea how young the band was they were listening to. They only knew they had to sign them. Eager to break this band first EMI has been keen to nestle them on tour among other top youth oriented groups.

Cash Cash

Cash Cash will eventually eclipse other teen bands by their sensible desire to evolve and grow as musicians. Don’t expect their pop sound to suffer for it.

Cash Cash’s debut EP is five tracks of four songs, they perform There’s A Party In Your Bedroom acoustically while keeping the sound big! The EP opens with Breakout, which live is a crowd pleaser and sets the tone for what’s to come. The upbeat dance groove is in perfect balance with layered harmonies. Track two There’s A Party In Your Bedroom is the song the band owes their sound.

Cash Cash EP & LP 2008Would you believe this band almost broke up before this song? Instead, they broke out from it. From the very first verse you’ll be hooked. If they keep song’s like this coming, they’ll find themselves consistently atop the dance charts and sales charts too.

Cash CashThe obvious melody of There’s A Party In Your Bedroom is infectious; from the driving bass to the hook in of the lyrics.

Chances are you’ve already been introduced to the band by way of this song. Then track three takes what appears a new tack. Lead singer Jean Paul takes on a monotone purposeful drone in the first few bars of Electric Hearts.

The appropriate crescendo leaps to a chorus meant for live audiences. With plenty of peaks and valleys, Electric Hearts sneaks up on you. The band had plenty of fun mixing this the song too, nothing was overdone or overproduced with Electric Hearts.

The final original on the EP is Two Days Old. A ballad of star crossed lovers, it features excellent keyboard work where the vocals play to the instruments and are careful not to upstage the music itself.

The bonus track of Party In Your Bedroom acoustic version has a great bounce in it for an acoustic version. It’s a great reward for Cash Cash fans that think back fondly to nights outside the concert hall.

Lars and AlexCash Cash’s first full album is due out soon. For now the Cash Cash EP is more than enough to keep you occupied. Whether you are tapping out a tune on the wheel or dancing in your bedroom, this five song EP will be high on your list of favorite CD’s or Mp3 Player.

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet the band and interview the group!

Cash Cash is entirely on this ride for fun. This is the best way to produce real music we can all enjoy. Don’t miss the ride. Check out our audio Interview with Cash Cash!