7 Safe Outdoor COVID-19 Activities For Couples AND Groups

You'll Enjoy These After The Pandemic Too

7 Unique Outdoor Activities for couples and groups

7 Completely Different Outdoor Activities

Are you looking for things to do as outdoor ideas during COVID? If you are suffering from this pandemic without suffering COVID-19, these ideas are what the doctor ordered. This list promises not to be the usual things like hiking, fishing, going to the park or visiting parks, memorials, and outdoor restaurants.

This list is ordered but don’t consider them listed by order of popularity, rating or importance. 

#1 Slackline

What is Slackline? Check out our slackline beginners guide here at DangerMan Media Magazine. Similar to walking a tightrope, slackline is a balance exercise and recreation performed at a short distance off the ground. 

Slackline at ground level

Slackline is great for couples or small groups to enjoy while you alternate taking turns. Starter kits generally come with tree trunk protection so you can visit a local park without worrying that you will make trouble with the park ranger. 

PREP: Shoes or barefoot. Comfortable clothing offering free movement.

COST: $50 to $150. The low cost of entry makes this a great opportunity to try out something new. A beginner slackline kit can be had for as little as $50.

#2 Inline Skating

If you can skate in some capacity, all you need is level ground, a helmet and pads. If you can’t inline, you can roller skate or ice-skate in colder months.  Find level ground. Most parks offer a good loop so you may finish where you start. 

If you are both capable skaters, try a group skate with a city skate group for a whole new unique experience.

There is some bias here due to being a certified skate instructor and member of multiple skate clubs. But experience helps here in sharing some unique information. For instance, did you know there are various skate groups across the world that have weekly city skates? Philadelphia draws 30 to 60, Manhattan has multiple groups drawing from 60 to 100. Skates tend to go 10 to 12 miles where participants can group up after at a local skate friendly bar or restaurant. 

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PREP: Skates, knee pads, elbow pads, hand pads or gloves, helmet. Water. Clothing allowing full leg movement.

COST: You can pick up used skates off Ebay for a song. Sometimes as little as $20. If you get into the recreation, there’s a great used skates for sale page that’s been up for over 10 years. 

#3 Paintball

Again, more personal experience, but think about it, you are not only at a distance but required to wear a mask. Okay, not the same kind as used to protect yourself from a virus.  The concern of pain from being shot a paintball is valid to an extent. It’s never pleasant, but not unsafe. Legitimate fields go to great pains to keep new players from being shot up and shot from close range in an effort to keep your day enjoyable. 

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Paintball can be a deep rabbit hole. If you want to learn more, start at DangerMan’s Lair. If you find you want to conquer the sport of woodsball paintball, you can purchase Lars Hindsley’s Paintball guide, DangerMan’s Paintball Bible

PREP: Be sure to wear clothes that are easy to move around in. Jeans and a sweatshirt is enough. Trail type shoes or boots are a good choice too. Bring your own food, most allow tailgate type cooking and alcohol. 

COST: Paintball isn’t as cheap as other activities, but it’s all-inclusive. You can pay as little as $50 for a session which includes your gear, protection, field fees, and paint. 

#4 Disc Golf

You can play alone if you must, but couples to large groups play this game at disc golf courses everywhere. Be sure not to call it frisbee golf, but don’t be afraid to ask other disc golfers for help. It’s a very open and inclusive type of player group who don’t lord over you. Disc golf is a year round sport. 

Similar to traditional golf, the game is played to 18 holes, which are called baskets. A game of disc golf takes from an hour to two hours to play. The larger the group, the longer it draws out, but that’s a good thing. Learn more about disc golf at the PDGA website.

PREP: A small bag for your items including water. Comfortable clothing for the terrain. 

COST: Driver discs and putter discs are usually under $20 each. Courses are on public land and don’t have fees beyond parking or access to the park itself. Be sure to download this  free app.  The Udisc app will enhance your experience letting you know where all the known courses are, has a map of all the holes, and it keeps score.

#5 Outdoor Aerial

What is Aerial? Aerial is a physically expressive art form utilizing silks, ropes, and Lyra hoops.

Aerial is a circus-like artistic performance art that requires a lot of upper body and arm strength. If you continue, it builds upper body strength and stamina. 

Your first experience will be a sampling of each interest and discipline. 

Outdoor Silk Aerialist

PREP: Clothing that protects you from ropeburns and rash is ideal, but as a first timer, just be sure to wear clothing that covers your legs and arms. 

COST: Sometimes free as an introduction. Often in the price range of $35 per person.

#6 Zipline

What is Zipline? You hang from wire in a harness traveling across a forest or one high-point to another. If you’re a bit of a thrill seeker, this gravity momentum travel under a highwire is for you. 

Zipline experiences vary. Some are priced in a way that at 20 second travel experience is more like a bucket list item. Do your research and you’ll find locations offering interconnected ziplines making the outing more worthwhile. 

Ziplines are often part of a larger park experience allowing you to make more of your day. Offerings vary but may include archery, obstacle courses, horse riding, night-time bonfires, hiking trails, and swimming. Some offer overnight cabin stays. Not bad if you have to travel more than a couple of hours to reach it. Refreshing Mountain Retreat is a great example of a larger outdoor experience.  

PREP: Check in advance for your weight limit. No slip-on-off shoes. Clothing to protect your skin from abrasive actions. Most all don’t allow pets. 

COST: Approximately $50 per person.

#7 Farm Experience & U-Pick

What is a farm experience? They are more than just hayrides. It can be a short day experience or an extended farm experience. You can visit for a pick-your-own harvesting experience or go as far as milking a cow, tending to other farm animals or horseback riding. If it’s just food your after, there is always something in season most of the year. The state I’m from is Delaware. There’s a host of Delaware Pick Your Own Farm locations throughout the state. 

U-Pick Farm Experience

Search for a farm experience near you with Farm Stay or farm vacations. LocalHarvest is a good resource site. Some provide lodging and experiences from milking cows, harvesting food, to riding a horse. If a farm is too much consider horse riding at local stables for beginners. 

You can pick loads of vegetables and fruits. Apples, blackberries, beets, bell peppers, cabbage, cantaloupe, cucumbers, corn, figs, grapes, kale, melons, nectarines, onions, peaches, peas, snow peas, strawberries, string beans, sweet peas, tomatoes, turnips, yellow beans, yellow squash, watermelons, zucchini, the list goes on. 

PREP: It is CRITICAL to understand Farms don’t have normal business hours. You must always call and plan in advance. Showing up without advanced contact with the farm is rude and inconsiderate. Plan ahead with appropriate boots as well as extras to transport your perishables.  If you are lodging, don’t expect air-conditioning etc.

COST: U-pick generally charges by the pound with raspberries, blueberries, and cherries capturing the highest price. Farm vacations are priced much lower than hotels but don’t expect a lot in terms of upscale amenities.

In Conclusion

Having an open mind and willingness to accept the unknown is the key to enjoying new experiences like these. At worst, you ride out the day and chalk it up to experience. At best, you’ll find something new to enjoy, adding a new dimension to your life.